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Wonder Foil

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Product Description

Wonder Foil Stamping

A metallic foil is pressed through heat and heavy metal block to desired material normally card, paper, fabric or leather to transfer metallic image or lettering to desired material, term is also referred as hot foil stamping or foil stamping.

Wonder Foil – Understanding The Process And Its Related Advantages

If any of us talk about the stamping process, then the normal thing which stuck in everyone’s mind is the use of punches or dies in order to create the dimensional outputs. But now, as the time grows, the definition of a surface also gets extended. Now a new concept got rises which is the wonder foil.

Many people often get worried about wonder foil. Well, today we are here to discuss some of the few amazing facts about wonder foil and how they are useful these days. Wonder foil is an opportunity to expand the use of existing foil into markets and several other applications. It has its own unique characteristics and performance attributes.

Wonder foil is normally applied on press, prior to those of inks which as a result reduce the cost as there is no need of dies or the tooling time. However, depending upon the layout logistics, it may be  expensive but not always.

Due to broad range of metallic color on a single application, wonder foil is really considered as one of the ideal option that can be overprinted with a wide array of color for having an infinite spectrum of possibilities. In addition, they can also be applied on numerous brilliant shades of color, very quickly and efficiently.

So, after knowing all the facts about wonder foil, if you are also planning to grab its advantages, then for you it is very essential to have the services from a right online printing service provider. This is a new concept and hence it requires a lot of skills and expertise knowledge like of “The Sticker Printing“. We are one of the most reliable and genuine online printing service providers offering a wide range of printing services within your budget.

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