Spot UV Labels Stickers
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Spot UV Labels

Product Description

Spot UV Labels Stickers

Spot UV is an effect where UV / Shiny material or varnish is applied to a specific area in any custom or standard shape to make that certain area stand out from the remaining label. That gives a fancy effect to your labels with a certain area more glowing than the rest of the label.

Are you ready to take your printing documents to the next level of beauty and creativity? Have you been looking for a way to stand out from all your competitors with an amazing printing that dazzles your eye? Then this is the right destination for you where you. In comparison to all other customized printing services, spot UV labels and stickers are being recognized as one of the most brilliant effects, which you should definitely add to your promotional strategy.

With an eye-catching design that shines on the top of the printed inks, spot UV is really considered a perfect and unique coating that comes with an irreplaceable effect. So, being an owner, if you are planning for a great way to launch your products and services with endless possibilities, then UV spot labels are a perfect option for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having spot UV label printing services:

  • Clear and high shiny finish: When UV is being on any material, it leads to deep and rich colors and the result is highly effective with image-rich projects. Due to its stunning shine and effective results, it is so popular these days.
  • Provide Good Abrasion Resistance: If your printed documents are going to be handed out, then due to many circumstances, there is a great chance that their visibility and durability may get hamper. Thus, while having a UV coating, allows the printing piece to maintain a professional and high-quality appearance due to an extremely hard finish for having both the abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Great Clarity: Besides protecting the printing document, UV coatings also give the product a great clarity that helps your product to stand out from others and is a perfect option for branding logos or any products or services.

Thus, if you are planning to have quality spot UV label printing services, then come up now with the leading online printing service provider, “The Sticker Printing” as we are offering the best quality spot UV label printing services at the most affordable rate.

The sizes which we offering for hologram stickers are 50mm X 50mm, 75mm x 128mm, 75mm x 150mm, 101mm X 101mm, 101mm X 155mm, 127mm X 127mm, 127mm X 178mm, 228mm X 75mm, 255mm X 75mm and customized sizes. For any query related to spot UV labels, call us on our given helpline no. (03) 9088 0317  Our customer services center operates 24/7. Further, you can also send us an email at:


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