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Security Hologram

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Product Description

Security Hologram Printing

Security holograms are the labels having a hologram printed onto it for its security reasons. It is quite difficult to forge it as they are being replicated from a  master hologram. It is mainly designed for combat counterfeiting. Its unique  optical properties to diffract light leads to a virtual 3D effect which becomes quite impossible for a person to copy with the help of a scanner or photocopier.

If you look around, then you can see that they are widely used in various segments like in banknotes around the world, specially which are of high denominations. Most commonly one can see them in credit and bank cards, passports and many other quality products as well.

Hologram always creates a unique and an attractive complement to the existing packaging of products and services. Many researches show that people these days are highly proffering the products protected with holograms. Several consumers also believe that manufacturers who are using these holograms care more about the quality of the products that they produce and hence they are preferring such items more.

Holograms are widely used in a variety of projects where security needs a range from low to high. As per security reasons needs an increase, additional customization’s may require custom imprints, custom hologram images, serial numbers and many other hidden security features.

So, if you are also planning to enhance the quality and the value of the product, all you need is the assistance of a right online printing service provider like of “The Sticker Printing“. We are offering one of the best hologram printing solution within your budget. For this reason, we are recognized as one of the best online printing service providers. The sizes which we offering for hologram stickers are 50mm X 50mm, 75mm x 128mm, 101mm X 101mm, 101mm X 105mm, 127mm X 127mm, 127mm X 178mm, 228mm X 75mm, 255mm X 75mm and customized sizes.

To get more information related to our printing services, please call us on our helpline no: (03) 9088 0317 or send us email at: We will be pleased to hear from you.


1 review for Security Hologram

  1. Patrick A.
    5 out of 5


    The sticker printing service provider gives me such a quality security hologram which I have never imagines….. Awesome exposure and work!!

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